Is Mitel the Right Phone Solution for Your Small Business?: A Comprehensive UCaaS Comparison

Shawn Boehme
Post by Shawn Boehme
April 23, 2024
Is Mitel the Right Phone Solution for Your Small Business?: A Comprehensive UCaaS Comparison

Mitel has long established itself in the cloud communication landscape, offering tools aimed at improving business connectivity. Its service offerings, which include voice, video, messaging, and collaboration tools, position Mitel as a traditional solution in an increasingly competitive market.

However, with the rapid evolution of communication technologies and the rise of new-age competitors, questions emerge about Mitel's ability to keep pace. There's growing doubt around whether Mitel's conventional offerings can meet the modern business's needs for flexibility, scalability, and cutting-edge functionality.

This comparison analysis dives into Mitel's current service offerings, critically assessing their impact and relevance in today's business environment. Alongside, we will compare Mitel with the dynamic services of PanTerra Networks, aiming to understand how both providers equip businesses for the challenges of modern communication.

Mitel vs. PanTerra Networks

In the Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) industry, PanTerra Networks and Mitel are key contenders, each bringing their unique strengths to the table in servicing the complex communication needs of today’s businesses.

Mitel offers various communication solutions designed to facilitate collaboration and connectivity. With a portfolio that includes cloud-based telephony, conferencing, and collaboration tools, Mitel caters to organizations seeking a traditional approach to unifying their communication platforms.

On the other hand, PanTerra Networks shines with its innovative unified cloud services, aimed at enhancing productivity and simplifying the communication landscape for businesses. PanTerra’s offerings extend beyond the standard UCaaS functionalities to include CCaaS, cutting-edge analytics, and business process automation tools.

This, combined with an impressive 99% client retention rate, underscores PanTerra’s dedication to delivering exceptional service and driving forward-thinking solutions in business communication.

While Mitel is known for its breadth of services, PanTerra distinguishes itself through its emphasis on providing advanced VoIP services, seamless integration capabilities, and unparalleled customer support.

PanTerra’s approach to offering tailored, scalable solutions positions it as a superior choice for businesses that prioritize innovation, customization, and comprehensive security in their search for a UCaaS provider.

What is Mitel?

Mitel offers a comprehensive suite of unified communication solutions to businesses. With products like MiCloud, MiCollab, and others, Mitel aims to provide versatile communication tools including telephony, cloud services, and collaboration capabilities.

Their approach is to offer a broad product catalog that can cater to the diverse needs of their clientele, ensuring businesses have the necessary tools for connectivity.

What is PanTerra Networks?

PanTerra Networks distinguishes itself in the UCaaS landscape by focusing on delivering cutting-edge communication solutions. With more than two decades in the UCaaS sphere, PanTerra offers a comprehensive suite including communications, collaboration, file sharing, and analytics.

Their services integrate seamlessly, providing meetings, web conferencing, webcasting, and cloud calling within a unified system. PanTerra’s approach not only simplifies communication infrastructure but also ensures businesses are equipped with the latest in communication technology.

What are customers saying about PanTerra and Mitel?

1 - PanTerra Streams Customer Feedback - Source Wheelhouse

[PanTerra Streams Customer Feedback | Source: (

2 - Mitel Customer Reviews - Source Wheelhouse

Mitel Customer Reviews | Source: ( )

Pricing and Features

Mitel's pricing model is often dubbed a bit complex and potentially expensive for businesses that require a full suite of features. Their tiered pricing often means essential functionalities come at an additional cost. In contrast, PanTerra offers a more straightforward and inclusive pricing structure.

Every tier benefits from PanTerra’s full range of features, eliminating the need for costly add-ons. This transparency in pricing makes PanTerra a more appealing option for small businesses looking for value and simplicity in their communication solutions.

3 - Pricing and Features

4 - Pricing and Features

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Usability and Compatibility

Mitel provides various products designed to meet various business needs. However, this diversity can lead to complexity, making it challenging for businesses to identify and implement the optimal solution. PanTerra simplifies this by offering a unified platform consolidating communication tools, and enhancing usability and compatibility.

With PanTerra, businesses enjoy a well-coordinated communication experience without the hassle of navigating through multiple product lines, making PanTerra's solution notably more user-friendly and efficient.

5- Usability and Compatibility

PanTerra Customer Reviews | Source: (

Security Measures Comparative Analysis: PanTerra vs. Mitel

Data Encryption

Both PanTerra and Mitel implement data encryption to safeguard communications. Mitel merely uses the basic encryption protocols to protect data, ensuring secure transmissions.

PanTerra, on the other hand, takes encryption a step further by utilizing advanced protocols such as TLS and AES-256-bit encryption for all data in transit and at rest. This multi-layered encryption strategy exceeds industry standards, providing PanTerra a significant edge in ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of client data surpass Mitel's standard encryption efforts.

Network Security

Network security is critical for both PanTerra and Mitel, with both companies implementing robust measures to protect against cyber threats. Mitel's network security includes standard protections against common vulnerabilities.

In contrast, PanTerra showcases a more comprehensive approach to network security, incorporating not only baseline defenses but also advanced threat detection mechanisms and multi-factor authentication. PanTerra's proactive stance on network security, including continuous monitoring and instant threat mitigation, positions it as superior to Mitel in safeguarding against sophisticated cyber threats.


Mitel and PanTerra both recognize the importance of compliance with global and industry-specific regulations. But, while Mitel adheres to general compliance standards such as GDPR and HIPAA, PanTerra demonstrates a much broader commitment to regulatory compliance.

PanTerra's adherence to GDPR, HIPAA, ISO 27001, and other critical standards showcases its commitment to exceeding compliance requirements. PanTerra's comprehensive compliance strategy ensures a higher level of trust and reliability, making it a preferable choice for businesses concerned with stringent regulatory standards.

Access Controls

Access control mechanisms are employed by both Mitel and PanTerra to manage who has access to sensitive information. Mitel offers customizable access controls, but PanTerra distinguishes itself with a more granular and sophisticated access management system.

Through SAML and SCIM protocols, along with role-based access controls, PanTerra provides businesses with precise control over data access and user permissions. This attention to detailed access management enhances security and minimizes the risk of unauthorized data access, marking PanTerra as superior in implementing effective access controls.

Additional Security Measures

When it comes to additional security measures, Mitel sticks to the mere basics and incorporates anti-malware and data loss protection features.

While PanTerra's approach is more holistic, offering a dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC) that operates round the clock for continuous threat monitoring and real-time response. This commitment to additional layers of security, including cutting-edge threat detection and response capabilities, demonstrates PanTerra's superior stance on ensuring the utmost security for its clients.

6- Additional Security Measures

PanTerra Customer Review | Source: (

Industry-Specific Security Considerations

Mitel's adherence to general compliance standards, including GDPR and HIPAA, shows its commitment to meeting broad industry requirements.

However, PanTerra Networks takes a more nuanced approach, with tailored security measures that cater specifically to the unique needs of industries such as healthcare and finance. This includes HIPAA-compliant features for healthcare organizations, emphasizing PanTerra's ability to adapt its security protocols to the specific challenges and regulatory environments of different sectors.

Such customization ensures that businesses in highly regulated industries can rely on PanTerra not just for compliance, but for comprehensive protection tailored to their unique operational contexts.

The PanTerra Advantage

Throughout the comparison review, PanTerra Networks distinguishes itself as the superior option by seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with unparalleled customer service. Their offerings go beyond conventional UCaaS functionalities, integrating CCaaS, advanced VoIP services, comprehensive analytics, and business process automation within a unified platform.

This approach not only ensures a high level of operational efficiency but also positions PanTerra ahead in terms of scalability and customization. Moreover, PanTerra's robust security framework and adherence to stringent compliance standards signal a clear commitment to providing secure and innovative solutions.

Ultimately, while Mitel provides decent service for business communication, PanTerra Networks emerges as the clear leading choice for those prioritizing a forward-looking, secure, and integrated communication strategy.

PanTerra's emphasis on innovation, customer satisfaction, and a holistic approach to security confirms its status as the go-to provider for businesses ready to navigate the complexities of modern UCaaS with confidence and ease.

Shawn Boehme
Post by Shawn Boehme
April 23, 2024
Shawn Boehme is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in the Unified Communications space. As the Director of Sales for PanTerra Networks since March 2015, Shawn has played a pivotal role in empowering businesses across the U.S. and Canada to maximize their productivity and streamline costs through advanced cloud communication solutions. His unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch service and driving business growth through effective communication strategies has earned him the reputation of an expert in the field.

With a deep understanding of the challenges enterprises face in harnessing the full potential of their phone systems, Shawn is dedicated to uncovering each client's unique needs, pain points, and successful aspects of their existing communication infrastructure. This extensive industry experience, coupled with his specializations in phone and messaging platforms, PBX and call centers, contact centers, and unified communication, allows him to design tailor-made solutions that address specific challenges and expedite businesses towards success.

Shawn's unwavering dedication to providing unmatched value and a superior customer experience demonstrates his commitment to surpassing client expectations. He leverages his extensive knowledge and technical expertise to not only meet but exceed the unique demands of each client. When seeking advice or solutions in the Unified Communications space, businesses can trust Shawn's judgment and rely on his proven track record of driving growth and delivering exceptional outcomes.