Artie Chang

Artie Chang
March 24, 2023
Arthur Chang is a distinguished leader with an extensive background spanning over two decades in the hi-tech industry. As the CEO of PanTerra, his visionary leadership and strategic insights have been pivotal to the company's trajectory.

Drawing on his experience as a serial entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, Arthur Chang has been an integral part of the success stories of numerous companies. His journey includes senior executive roles that have propelled growth and innovation. Before joining PanTerra Networks, Mr. Chang held the position of CEO at Cradle Technologies, where he led a multi-core multimedia DSP company to new heights. Prior to that, he held the CEO position at SoloPoint Communications, a prominent provider of telecommunications equipment to major industry players. During his tenure, Mr. Chang orchestrated the company's expansion, culminating in a successful IPO.

With a foundation that includes executive management roles in diverse technology sectors such as telecommunications, storage, server, and remote access markets, Mr. Chang brings a holistic understanding of the industry. His career began at Bell Laboratories in Naperville, IL, where he laid the groundwork for his remarkable journey. Throughout his professional journey, he has collaborated closely with Silicon Valley venture capitalists, contributing as a consultant and analyst.

Arthur Chang's expertise extends beyond leadership; he excels in areas such as talent acquisition, corporate strategy, and capital raising. With a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Northwestern University, an M.S. degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, and an Executive MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Mr. Chang possesses a formidable educational foundation.

Mr. Chang's influence on corporate vision and product strategy is unparalleled, with a proven ability to guide businesses toward financial success. His prowess at fostering growth is complemented by his exceptional talent for recruiting top-tier executives and motivating them to excel. A seasoned entrepreneur well-versed in the startup ecosystem, Mr. Chang's acumen is complemented by his experience in working closely with boards and investors.
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