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Various Experts Predict 2017's Upcoming Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing industry is flourishing every year. People are coming up with extraordinary marketing strategies which is helping the digital market to thrive. According to 51.9 % marketers, videos have the best return on investment.

It is predicted by Cisco that video will become the source of 82% of consumer internet traffic. According to HubSpot, 43% people want the marketers to come up with more video content. Although this marketing strategy works for many businesses but it may not work every time. 

Here is a list of predictions made by various experts about the upcoming digital marketing trends of 2017:

Andrew Medal talks about Snapchat’s Geofilter

Snapchat lets the brands to communicate with the customers directly which makes it quite impressive way of marketing. Andrew Medal of Agenta Beta takes pride in the fact that his company has been using Snapchat’s custom geofilter to engage the customers by using minimal assets.

A company can write a message or a logo with the help of a Snapchat geofilter on any Snapchat video or image. With this filter any company can reach out to unlimited number of customers directly. As geofilter is relatively new, the marketers who use it can take advantage of it. Snapchat has around one hundred and fifty million active users every day. It has approximately over 10 billion video views so imagine how fast the videos can be seen by the customers. Many brands still don’t know how to use the geofilter correctly. So the brands that are using geofilters accurately have a chance of attracting more customers.

Aashish Chopra of Ixigo on Video being Extraordinary Growth Channel

According to Aashish Chopra,  we will see enormous increase in the video content in 2017. There are many different types of mobiles in the market already and people love to spend their time watching videos on their smartphones. People share numerous videos on a regular basis on the social media. Our 50% of mobile data is consumed by watching videos and this number will increase in the coming future. In fact, Facebook is thinking of adding a separate tab for videos as its goal is to become the home of videos. YouTube is trying hard to stay in the picture by coming up with exciting new content. Snapchat and LinkedIn are not far behind as LinkedIn just recently introduced the B2B video marketing. Videos have helped in giving the best ROI in 2016 and we hope to see this trend prospering in 2017.

Chirag Kulkarni of Taco on Video being the Greatest Growth Channel

According to Chirag Kulkarni, viedo will defintely be one of the best growth channels in 2017. It doesn’t matter whether you would be making live videos or creating stuff for YouTube, the number of users watching videos will increase drastically.

Deepak Kanakaraju of Digital Deepak on Behavior-based email marketing

People have been subscribing to much more brands in the previous year than ever before. Due to this reason they received a lot more emails from different brands. This resulted them in unsubscribing many of the unwanted brands. According to Deepak Kanakaraju, people would not read the email if it is of no use to them. In order to solve this problem the marketers should work on the segmented email marketing depending on consumer’s behavior. If a person is looking for a smartphone on the internet, he should receive an email with the best smartphones of the year rather than great deals on games. This would keep the consumer interested and he would not unsubscribe the particular marketer.

Pardeep Goyal of CashOverFlow on Viral marketing

According to Pardeep Goyal, we must invest in viral marketing for the purpose of organic growth. Viral marketing would get quite popular in 2017. Google checks out how many times an article is shared when ranking it in the search engine.

Prateek Dholakiya of E2M on Utilization of Visual Content to Attract Traffic

Prateek Dholakiya plans to invest in video content for marketing purposes in 2017. He has seen that companies have been using visual content for marketing a lot lately. People do not have enough time or stamina to read articles, hence they spend their time in watching videos instead. Videos help in conveying a message much more effectively than an article, and that is why we expect to see a lot more visual content to attract traffic in the upcoming year.

Prateek Shah of Digital Defynd on Content Marketing

According to Prateek Shah, content is not the only king, in fact the distribution of the content is the actual king. If the written content is of high quality but it is not spread among the right type of audience then it is of no use. The marketers should concentrate on improving the marketing techniques. In 2017 we would see a rapid growth in content marketing and inbound marketing.

Taru Bhargava of AppVirality on Video Marketing

In Taru Bhargava’s opinion, as people have low attention spans so video marketing is the best choice to get their attention in this fast world. Although, long form content and infographics is still in demand, but video marketing is the most effective way of catching a consumer’s attention and this trend would get more fame in 2017.