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Regular Analytics Doesn't Complete the Circle


For those of you that haven't seen the movie "Jerry Maguire," well, go rent/stream it! It's a great movie. There's a scene in the movie when Jerry figures out that he is not complete without Dorothy and he utters the now famously repeated line, "You Complete Me!" Indeed, these three words can be aptly applied to many situations, including it turns out.... Business Analytics!

The definition of business analytics is the continuous iterative exploration and investigation of past business performance to gain insight and drive business planning for the future. In today's highly competitive world, business analytics can be a powerful tool to both increase revenue and optimize expenses, ultimately enhancing the corporate bottom line. With business analytics, you can set up triggers for performance metrics which are automatically monitored with alerts that are sent in real-time to supervisors/managers to be interpreted and acted upon.

For example, let's say you have an inbound sales contact center with agents that take a sales call. The company has determined that being on the phone with a prospect for longer than 5 minutes is diminishing returns and lowers the agent's overall productivity and revenue. Thus, agents are trained to try to be on the call for a maximum of 5 minutes to make the sale. With business analytics, the company can set up a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) alert that triggers if any agent is on an inbound call for longer than 5 minutes. A real-time notification can be sent to the Agent’s supervisor instantly.


This instant notification of an exceeded KPI is what business analytics is all about. Unfortunately, this is really only half the story! What does the supervisor do once they are notified of an exceeded KPI? And what tools does the supervisor have at their disposal to take action regarding the exceeded KPI? This is where the, "You Complete Me," part comes in. With PanTerra's "Communications-Enabled Unified Business Analytics," monitoring and notification are seamlessly integrated providing the most effective tools for the supervisor to instantly take corrective action and drive agent behavior. This ability to instantly adjust agent behavior has a much higher probability of correcting the problem permanently in the future.

Let's see how Communications-Enabled Unified Business Analytics "completes the picture." The supervisor has just been notified that the agent has exceeded the 5 minute KPI with a particular customer. Using PanTerra's contact center supervisory mode capabilities, the supervisor can instantly "silent listen" to the agent's active call and even whisper into the agent's ear (without the prospect knowing) to guide them on how to "close the deal." If necessary, the supervisor can even "barge into" the call to show the agent how to close the deal effectively. All of these actions occur within a single application, simplifying the real-time interaction for both supervisor and agent.

As you can see, with communications-enabled unified business analytics, businesses can truly optimize their resources, drive revenue and increase productivity on a real-time basis! As Jerry may have said if he had PanTerra’s communications-enabled unified business analytics at his fingertips, “UC completes business analytics.”