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How Will Your Business Communications Benefit from the Features Offered by CRM Integration?

crm-integration.jpgAre you looking to improve your call center productivity and response times? What features are your call center agents using or, in many cases, not using because they aren’t available with the call center solution they’re using? Perhaps what you’re looking for is a communications system that offers CRM integration. You know, integration like call pop right inside the application, or click-to-call directly from your browser window?

Wouldn’t it be awesome to open your CRM and place a call to a client or a prospect? And, have all the notes recorded for that contact right at your fingertips? I know, right! What if you also had features like supervisory modes (silent listen, whisper and barge-in), real-time analytics so that you are completely aware of how your call center agents are performing, reports that can be used to track performance on length of call, skills-based routing so that the most appropriate person is answering the in-bound call and instant message so that no question is left hanging like a piece of rotten fruit? I know, you’re saying there’s no such feature-rich CRM integration solution that does all this, right? Well, you’d be wrong.

PanTerra Networks offers a call center solution that includes 99.999% reliability, HIPAA-compliant security, unified business analytics features with over 100 key performance indicators, supervisory modes (silent listen, whisper and barge in), and smart call routing. So, whether you’re looking for a call center software with CRM integration or a virtual phone system that incorporates all the features your business needs to provide superior customer service, PanTerra’s cloud-based unified communications solution is just what the doctor ordered. PanTerra is so convinced that you’ll be satisfied with our service that we even offer a 30-day risk free trial period so that you can see for yourself why thousands of users choose PanTerra for all their communications needs.

Watch a video today on PanTerra Streams Call Center and see for yourself.