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Celebrate or not - HIPAA Turns 20 on August 21st!

HIPAA is about to turn 20 on Sunday, August 21st. While that date is approaching rapidly, many people and businesses are still not HIPAA compliant with regard to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. In today’s world, the rate at which patient health record breaches occur is ever increasing almost daily. Some will argue that HIPAA isn’t doing its job and should be retired. As technolgy continues to evolve and until the HIPAA laws are changed or replaced, health practitioners must be ever vigilant in the way they communicate with their patients.

While the debate on HIPAA laws wage on, PanTerra continues to provide healthcare companies with the peace of mind that all of their internal and external communications are 100% HIPAA compliant. By signing a business associate agreement with all of its carriers, PanTerra takes full responsibility of your cloud communication records, so that you can worry about more important items on your agenda. One of those agenda items might just be, celebrating the 20-year old, HIPAA!
If you are looking to increase your peace of mind about HIPAA compliance and your VPBX (Virtual PBX), the following infographic details what could happen, in a civil and criminal aspect, when you aren't HIPAA compliant.