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Why Phone Services for Business are moving to the Cloud.


We are seeing one of the largest business technology refreshes since the invention of the computer. Just like we are seeing media and software moved to the cloud, we are seeing the brains of the phone system move to the cloud. But why are phone services for business moving to the cloud?

In the past, with an on-site PBX system, businesses would pay one provider for voice, possibly another provider for data and Internet, and yet another for long-distance. The phone system and its on-going maintenance agreement come from still another provider. Each time that you would need to move, add-on, change or upgrade, you would have to coordinate across multiple vendors and deal with stacks of separate bills with mounting costs for every single request.

With the old on-site PBX solution, troubleshooting issues became virtually impossible, as each provider is pointing fingers at the other, while you, the customer, sits helpless. If you are a business that is expecting expansion or growth, then you can multiply that mess by 3 offices or 50. Each office with its own needs, issues and personnel. This makes the success of a company’s expansion, turn into “the nightmare of expansion!” With an on-premise PBX, your IT Directors are often required to pinpoint new providers for every location. You must purchase different hardware for each office, factoring costly maintenance with constant upgrades, office by office by office; think about all the vendors you must talk to, just to implement a single change. In the end, you will be left facing bloated capital expenditure, excess staffing and potential disruption down every single provider’s line. If you have a small business telephone service, the last thing you want to do is worry about the phone solution. 

If you own an onsite PBX today, then your business is dependent on interaction between SIP Trunks, voice lines, data lines, fax lines, Internet connections and the PBX system; all from multiple service providers. Solve these complicated issues by choosing 1 business communication provider for everything. The solution is simple, PanTerra Networks!

When a customer wants all communication services, hosted in the cloud, with one singe provider for voice, fax, text, cloud storage and collaboration tools, PanTerra is the obvious choice.  Allow PanTerra to achieve clarity and simplicity in business communications, and your company’s focus can be turned to the success of your core business. Businesses need a clear path to the cloud, PanTerra has spent the past 16 years, trailblazing business unified communications, with their own in-house research and development team, and we are ready to take your business communications off the ground, and into the cloud. Experience all the benefits that cloud technology has to offer, plus the unparalleled advantage of our private national network.