Choosing The Right Communication System for Your Business: PanTerra Streams vs Mitel Phone Systems

Shawn Boehme
Post by Shawn Boehme
December 14, 2023
Choosing The Right Communication System for Your Business: PanTerra Streams vs Mitel Phone Systems

Selecting the right phone system is crucial for your business’s success. PanTerra Networks and Mitel are two popular options that offer robust solutions designed to improve communication and boost collaboration within organizations and with clients. 

In this blog, we'll compare these two platforms, exploring their features, potential downsides, and the ideal scenarios where they might help businesses excel.

Find Features for Cloud-Based, Unified Communications with PanTerra Streams

PanTerra is a cloud-based unified communications and collaboration service (UCaaS) provider. The company offers a comprehensive platform, called Streams, which serves as a unified hub for various communication tools, including voice calling, messaging, conferencing, file sharing, and more. PanTerra Streams provides secure and integrated solutions to streamline communication and collaboration within businesses. 

Their services include features such as analytics and reporting, mobility support, and a secure cloud file storage and sharing solution called "SmartBox." PanTerra aims to offer a seamless and feature-rich unified communications experience for businesses.

Features of PanTerra Streams

Some of the most distinct features offered by PanTerra Streams include:

  • Unified Communications Hub: PanTerra Streams, provides a unified communications platform integrating voice, messaging, conferencing, and file sharing.
  • VoIP technology: VoIP allows for more efficient and cost-effective communication.
  • SmartBox: A secure cloud file storage and sharing solution that meets compliance standards in multiple industries, seamlessly integrated with the Streams platform.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Gain insights into communication patterns and usage.
  • Mobility: Mobile applications for on-the-go and remote operations.
  • Security: Emphasis on secure communication with encryption and compliance features.

Potential Challenges of Using PanTerra Streams

Before deciding to use PanTerra Streams, it’s essential to be aware of the potential challenges of using their technology.

Learning Curve: Transitioning to a comprehensive unified communications solution may require some learning for users unfamiliar with the platform. PanTerra does, however, offer a service and support team to help mitigate the learning curve.

Extensive Features: Businesses with simpler communication needs may find the extensive range of features to be more than necessary. PanTerra’s plans are flexible, allowing for most businesses to scale their features to fit their needs–and just their needs.

Who Could Benefit from Using PanTerra Streams?

PanTerra Networks is well-suited for businesses that prioritize a fully integrated communications hub, particularly those with a range of communication needs. Organizations across a range of industries that are looking for secure collaboration and file sharing within the same platform can benefit from PanTerra's unified approach.

Find Features for On-Premises Communication and Collaboration with Mitel Phone Systems

Mitel is a global provider of business communication and collaboration solutions. Specializing in unified communications, Mitel offers a range of products and services, including IP phone systems, cloud-based communication solutions, and contact center technology. Mitel's platforms integrate tools such as voice calling, video conferencing, instant messaging, and more, into a unified system. The company caters to both on-premises and cloud-based deployments, providing options for businesses of different sizes and preferences.

Features of Mitel Phone Systems

Some of the most distinct features offered by Mitel’s phone systems include: 

  • IP Phone Systems: Mitel is known for its IP phone systems, using VoIP technology for efficient and cost-effective communication.
  • Unified Communications: Integrated voice, video conferencing, instant messaging, and more.
  • Cloud and On-Premises Options: Mitel caters to both cloud-based and on-premises operations.
  • Contact Center Solutions: Tailored solutions for customer interactions.
  • Mobility: Seamless connectivity for mobile and remote users.

Potential Challenges of Using Mitel Phone Systems

Before deciding to use Mitel phone systems, you must be aware of the potential challenges of using their technology. 

Complex Customization: Some users may find the customization options to be complex, requiring outside expertise to configure.

Cost Variability: Mitel's pricing structure may vary based on the specific features and deployment model, often leading to higher costs for more advanced solutions.

Who Could Benefit from Using Mitel Phone Systems?

Mitel is a good fit for businesses that prefer on-premises or both on-premises and cloud-based operations. Organizations with contact centers can benefit from Mitel's phone system solutions.

Which Works for You? PanTerra Streams or Mitel Phone Systems

The choice between PanTerra Streams and Mitel phone systems ultimately hinges on the unique needs and priorities of your business. 

  • If you're looking for an all-in-one, cloud-based unified communications solution with a secure file-sharing component, PanTerra's Streams might be an ideal fit. 
  • On the other hand, Mitel offers options for businesses with on-premises phone system preferences.

Before making your decision, carefully evaluate your organization's communication needs, budget, and user preferences. Whatever your priorities, both PanTerra Networks and Mitel bring compelling features to the table, each catering to distinct niches in the business communications industry.

Shawn Boehme
Post by Shawn Boehme
December 14, 2023
Shawn Boehme is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in the Unified Communications space. As the Director of Sales for PanTerra Networks since March 2015, Shawn has played a pivotal role in empowering businesses across the U.S. and Canada to maximize their productivity and streamline costs through advanced cloud communication solutions. His unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch service and driving business growth through effective communication strategies has earned him the reputation of an expert in the field.

With a deep understanding of the challenges enterprises face in harnessing the full potential of their phone systems, Shawn is dedicated to uncovering each client's unique needs, pain points, and successful aspects of their existing communication infrastructure. This extensive industry experience, coupled with his specializations in phone and messaging platforms, PBX and call centers, contact centers, and unified communication, allows him to design tailor-made solutions that address specific challenges and expedite businesses towards success.

Shawn's unwavering dedication to providing unmatched value and a superior customer experience demonstrates his commitment to surpassing client expectations. He leverages his extensive knowledge and technical expertise to not only meet but exceed the unique demands of each client. When seeking advice or solutions in the Unified Communications space, businesses can trust Shawn's judgment and rely on his proven track record of driving growth and delivering exceptional outcomes.