Cloud-Based UCaaS: An Example of Technology Evolving

Shawn Boehme
Post by Shawn Boehme
June 16, 2022

The evolution of markets and technology are self-evident all around us, and unified communications as a service (UCaas) is just another example. Just look at these three examples.


Personal Productivity Software

When Lotus first came out with the Lotus 123 spreadsheet, they launched the era of "personal productivity software." Maybe they didn't see it that way... maybe they were just trying to make a better "pencil and paper" table matrix. Regardless of their intent, the result changed forever the way we did business, personal and professional. In fact, soon after, WordPerfect released its word processing software, CorelDraw released its graphics application and DBase offered its personal database application. Each company grew fast to become a multi-million dollar "leader" in their segment of the personal productivity marketplace.


Then along came a certain company with no experience in personal productivity software and introduced "Office," which integrated word processing, spreadsheet, graphics and eventually database functionality into a single unified application. The critics were quick to judge: "They will never be as good as Lotus, et al; they will never succeed because the other companies have the lion's share of the market; it will never work together well." Fast forward to today... none of the single function companies even exist today and Office is the clear winner and king of the hill in the ‘unified productivity’ space.



Remember when your belt or pocket purse had a separate cell phone, pager, PDA, camera, video camcorder... OK maybe you didn't "strap on"/stow a camera or video camcorder everywhere you went, but wish you had a camera to capture those, ‘they won’t believe this’ moments. Those were the days! Each device touted its superior functionality.


Then along came the smartphone (hello iOS and Android) and the world changed again. Everything you could possibly need to communicate all in the palm of your hand. You always have to have the nay-sayers: a smartphone camera will never be as good as a separate camera, no one will ever use their phone as anything but a phone, and, people will always want to use separate devices to keep their work separate from their personal! Of course, that was before the 40 megapixel smartphone camera came, before Google maps, before Candy Crush made its appearance, and so much more!


Multi-Function Printers

Finally in the, "here we go again category," remember when HP introduced the multi-function printer/fax/scanner to much criticism: They will never print as well as a separate printer! Does this sound like a broken record? Multi-function printers are now the largest category of printers in the world!


History is a funny thing.... hard to contradict, hard to buck, especially when there's a fundamental "optimization" occurring.


Unified Communications as a Service (UCaas)

So what does all this have to do with unified cloud communication and collaboration services? Well, it's not 1999 anymore. It's 2016 and cloud services have been around for a while now (thank you In fact, now there are several functional areas that are delivered from the cloud: file sharing, communications, collaboration, call centers, CRM. Sound familiar? Several single function services all enjoying success in the market.


But wait, along comes PanTerra Networks with a cloud-based unified communications service that includes instant message, real-time presence, web meetings, video conferencing, business analytics, ip phones, and file sharing, all in a single seamlessly integrated cloud solution. Of course, there are the nay-sayers: cloud-based unified communications will never be as good as separate on-premises services. Well, that remains to be seen, but if history is any judge, I know what side I'm betting on!


The unified communication and collaboration features PanTerra offers its customers to intelligently and seamlessly conduct business undeniably improves responsiveness, increases the productivity of their employees and promotes efficiency so that they can make better decisions to improve their bottom line. Like smartphones, personal productivity software and multi-function printers, unified communications as a service providers are a logical and evolutionary progression to the cloud! Sit back and enjoy the ride, the Unified Cloud Services generation is going to be exciting!


As you begin to learn more about UCaas, check out our recent blog on the subject for the latest information on this exciting technological development. 

Shawn Boehme
Post by Shawn Boehme
June 16, 2022
Shawn Boehme is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in the Unified Communications space. As the Director of Sales for PanTerra Networks since March 2015, Shawn has played a pivotal role in empowering businesses across the U.S. and Canada to maximize their productivity and streamline costs through advanced cloud communication solutions. His unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch service and driving business growth through effective communication strategies has earned him the reputation of an expert in the field.

With a deep understanding of the challenges enterprises face in harnessing the full potential of their phone systems, Shawn is dedicated to uncovering each client's unique needs, pain points, and successful aspects of their existing communication infrastructure. This extensive industry experience, coupled with his specializations in phone and messaging platforms, PBX and call centers, contact centers, and unified communication, allows him to design tailor-made solutions that address specific challenges and expedite businesses towards success.

Shawn's unwavering dedication to providing unmatched value and a superior customer experience demonstrates his commitment to surpassing client expectations. He leverages his extensive knowledge and technical expertise to not only meet but exceed the unique demands of each client. When seeking advice or solutions in the Unified Communications space, businesses can trust Shawn's judgment and rely on his proven track record of driving growth and delivering exceptional outcomes.