Business Continuity Planning

Post by Jacki Hoyt
November 10, 2020
Business Continuity Planning

Nature can have a devastating impact on your business if you're not prepared. The key to being ready is making sure your communications infrastructure stays up when disaster strikes. The key to staying up depends both on preventive measures as well as recovery measures. Only when your communications infrastructure implements both measures can you be sure that your business is protected from both Mother Nature and inadvertent human nature.

PanTerra's solution delivers innovative features that can prevent or minimize the impact of a disaster, regardless of whether it is a natural disaster or man-made. By utilizing the latest cloud-based technologies combined with an ultra-high reliable cloud-based infrastructure and a seasoned 24/7 network operational center, PanTerra can transform your communications infrastructure into a hardened competitive weapon thereby giving you peace of mind that your business continuity planning is strategic and ready when any disaster occurs.

Following are just a few areas where business continuity planning and the right communications infrastructure rise up to meet every challenge:

Fully Geo-Redundant, Secure, Hardened, Cloud-based Infrastructure. PanTerra’s services are delivered from fully hardened, secure, redundant, cloud data centers capable of withstanding virtually any natural disaster. All PanTerra equipment within these data centers are infrastructure-class and redundant as well, using an N+1 redundancy and scaling architecture. Each service can be managed and scaled independently with no single-point-of-failure.

Network Operations Center. A world-class, experienced NOC monitors all PanTerra services 24/7/365. Significant monitors are implemented in all service applications with warning and alarm levels as well as auto-recovery processes should any critical event occur.

Service Provider & Technology Provider. As both the technology and service provider, PanTerra is continually driving the technology to deliver higher levels of reliability and quality.

Instantaneous Access. PanTerra is accessible from any SIP-based phone or internet-based browser on any desktop or mobile device from anywhere in the world. With PanTerra, if your location is disrupted because of a disaster you can move away from the disaster and still instantly access all your communications, providing continuity of business to your customers and co-workers.

Intelligent Call Routing. Since PanTerra is a full unified communications service, it has access to all your communications channels and devices. Should one of your devices fail, PanTerra will automatically detect it and can automatically re-route the communications to another device.

Last Mile Carriers. Connectivity interruptions occur frequently as lines get accidentally cut or fires take out a carrier's connection closet. With PanTerra, you can select the local carrier that is the most reliable and be confident PanTerra will interoperate. In addition, for increased reliability, you can install dual connectivity from two different carriers and PanTerra will seamlessly interoperate with both carriers.

The PanTerra Advantage. PanTerra can save you over 75% on your current communications costs while providing all the benefits of cloud-based Unified Communications, including instant access to services, infinite scalability and growth, elimination of on-premises hardware and software obsolescence, consistent reliable infrastructure for multiple locations, remote users and mobile workforce, optimized disaster recovery capability, maximum flexibility and futureproof continuous feature upgrades. PanTerra brings your communications infrastructure into the 21st century!

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Post by Jacki Hoyt
November 10, 2020
Sr Marketing Communications Manager with nearly 10 years of telecom experience