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The Cloud PBX technology behind PanTerra’s VoIP/Unified Communications, empowers users to take advantage of cutting-edge features. Most law firms across the country have begun embracing the Virtual PBX migration. Not surprisingly, the early adopters have been able to use VoIP features to deliver true, tangible benefits to their firms. Unified Communication gives law firms the ability to quickly and securely share confidential documents with clients in a HIPAA/Hitech Compliant portal.

These Cloud PBX features are specifically designed to bring practicality and simplicity to individuals (like attorneys) who often find themselves juggling multiple responsibilities at once.

So PanTerra surveyed their top Law Firm and Debt Collection clients to see what features from PanTerra they used the most to provide them a competitive advantage:

  • Local Presence is the ability to mask your Caller ID with a local number so that the person you are calling picks up the phone. Some of PanTerra’s customers have reported a 400% increase in 1st time contact ratio’s.
  • Call Management is a key feature of VoIP phones, offering office managers and users more control over their phone use. From a Manager/Receptionist Switchboard, calls can be monitored, logged, summarized and analyzed to improve performance and control costs. Optional connectors can add an additional layer of integration with the firm’s customer management software.
  • Mobility is an application that allows attorneys to use their office phone number to make and receive any call on any mobile device or computer. An optional SMS add-on allows attorneys to even send and receive text messages from their office number. Chat features enable them to chat with office staff from anywhere in the world, at any time. With PanTerra’s UC solution, you can also IM and collaborate with off-enterprise users, such as customers, vendors and other business partners.
  • ConnectMe: Deskshare, audio/web conferencing, and group messaging are helpful features for conducting meetings, making announcements, offering trainings and more to remote audiences. The system can also record the audio conference discussions for future use. For instance, lawyers can utilize this feature with depositions in court proceedings.
  • HD Voice and Video Calling offers superior call quality without any interruptions for all intra-office communications.
  • Tagging & Reporting makes it easy to track client time. Detailed call reports, including account code reports, allows your firm to quickly know what a client should be billed and with which clients’ attorneys are spending their time.
  • HIPAA and Hi-tech Compliance, through Cloud Communications, offers superior protection for privileged lawyer-client information, ensuring the pillars at any law firm the security and confidentiality they require. Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) adoption is beneficial in saving costs, while enabling additional security. Additionally, lawyers have access to information on any device at any time as long as there is sufficient Internet connectivity.
  • Virtual Faxing allows users to send and receive faxes through an email account. The fax account has a designated phone number, toll-free or local, that will automatically send all incoming faxes to the assigned email address as attached PDF files.
  • Call Recording feature provides for comprehensive and compliant service that records calls and makes all recordings easy to access, catalog and interact with online.
  • Call Center provides advanced call center capabilities that leverage all the functionality of the VoIP and UC platform, and can be completely managed off-site by PanTerra’s award-winning support team.