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Security for a Virtual PBX Solution is Key!

Is your communications service provider utilizing the most advanced technologies available to protect your communications and content? Features such as in-transit and at-rest encryption of your content and communications, HIPAA compliance and multi-factor authentication are just a few of the enhanced security features that you may want to consider as you come to a decision on which virtual PBX provider your business uses. When security is key in the current environment, your business’s peace of mind is crucial.


Your service provider must be vigilant against malevolent forces by enforcing strong password security for all users and all clients to ensure the highest level of privacy and security. Monitoring and recording login activity for both users and administration portals should be the norm from all truly secure virtual PBX service providers. Additional security features may also include international calling limits, maximum device per user limits, and white and black listed IP ranges from the administration portal. Bottom line, continuous monitoring and reviewing any suspicious activity to detect possible security breaches is what your business deserves.

Multi-factor authentication ensures that only authorized users gain access to your communication devices – IP phone, desktop computer, laptop, and mobile devices. Any unauthorized access or access from an unrecognized device triggers a blocking event until the user confirms or denies access with an authorization code sent to them at their secure uniquely identifiable email address. When your devices are secure, your business is secure.

Supporting remote and mobile workers in the enterprise can be difficult for some companies because they are worried about security, and rightfully so. Mobile devices get lost or stolen and many users stay logged into their apps. Built-in mobile security enhancements should include full multi-factor authentication on all mobile devices with the ability to remotely block access to any lost or stolen device with immediate reassignment of user content by a company’s account administrator.

Let’s face it, the communications service provider you choose must create an environment where you can concentrate on your core competencies and not on securing your intellectual property. PanTerra delivers complete end-to-end enhanced security and privacy features that keep business communications and content maximally secure. With advanced features such as multi-factor authentication (MFA) on all endpoints (including IP phones), secure MPLS broadband connectivity, full encryption in-transit and at-rest for all user and communications content, full HIPAA compliance with BAA agreements, mobile device remote management and multi-level administration, PanTerra’s unified virtual PBX services provide a robust and secure cloud environment for your enterprise.

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