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Scotty, Beam Me Up – Advances in Business Phone Services Have Come a Long Way


In order to compete in today’s world, businesses require the ability to make quick decisions, enormous flexibility to communicate with their employees and customers, and a phone service built with the features that enhance their productivity and performance. Phone services for businesses have come a long way from where they started. Communicating with the outside world, including remote workers, road warriors, and a globally diverse clientele, has gotten a whole lot easier with the technological advances the PBX brought us. Features like BLF (busy lamp field), 3-way calling, extension-to-extension dialing, do not disturb, and multi-line phones gave us the functionality we needed to conduct business in-house. But, as our sphere of influence expands, so too must our methods for communication.

So, how has our thinking towards communications evolved? Back in the early days of Alexander Graham Bell, the idea of communicating between people separated by hundreds of miles was thought to be unfathomable. Today, if you can imagine it – it is achievable. Remember when Star Trek premiered in the early 1960s and they used a device called a ‘communicator?’ Flip open the communicator and Mr. Spock could be reached across the galaxy, Scotty was performing miracles with a transporter, and Bones was healing cancer with a little red pill. Fast forward and those ‘communicators’ are a reality in everyday life. For businesses, communicating is essential for success.

Enter the era of unified communications and cloud phone service. Every aspect of your business communications environment is available and at your fingertips regardless of where, how and when you conduct business. Remote workers are connected simply by logging into a browser on their desktop computer, road warriors have complete access to every employee with the click of a button on their smartphone, and businesses can expand their reach in a globally diverse environment. With PanTerra’s Unified Communications solution, communicating and collaborating are built into the foundation of every feature – real-time presence, web meeting, audio/video conference, deskshare, analytics, file sharing, instant message, etc. Competition is fierce, don’t let your phone service hold you back – boldly go where no one has gone before….sorry, had to get in another Trekky phrase. Seriously though, isn’t your business worth the exploration into the benefits of cloud phone service?