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Making Money with PanTerra has NEVER been SIMPLER!


Are you wondering about how to make money with PanTerra? We introduced an exciting new service, SmartBox - File Sharing that Communicates, as a full blown secure cloud-based file store, sync and sharing service with.... you guessed it: built-in unified communications features!

As with many file sharing services, we provide a free guest version for people to try before purchasing. This is known as the "freemium" model and again, nothing new here... right?

Well, in addition to the incredible built-in communications features of SmartBox, we also decided to shake up the sales model and deliver SmartBox through both the direct and indirect channels: Value Added Resellers, Master Agents, Sales Agents and Wholesale Private Label Partners. The indirect channel has matured into an incredible source mid-market enterprises use to acquire new technology and outsource their IT services. These partners are the "trusted" advisors for these enterprises.

So what's the big deal? Well, if you're an indirect channel partner, there's a HUGE difference:

  • File Sharing that Pays Recurring Revenue! Tired of referring your customers to file sharing services that either pays you NOTHING or only a one-time referral bonus? So am I! That's why our partner program pays you lifetime recurring revenue on every SmartBox seat! That's right... lifetime recurring revenue.
  • Freemium Viral Marketing That Pays! SmartBox is all about signing up massive numbers of users as free guest users and then converting them at some time in the future. When's the last time you were able to do that with a telecom PBX? Or conferencing solution? But what good is viral marketing if you can't track your own prospects when they sign up for the free guest user account or more importantly when they upgrade or purchase Enterprise SmartBox seats? Well, it's not good! So we fixed that as well. We provide you the ability to create your own "special" guest sign up and Webstore sign up links that encode your company into those links. So when you blast out "your" links through email, on your website or any other marketing campaign, your company will be associated with any resulting sign-ups. And if a guest user converts to a paying customer at ANY TIME in the future, you will receive the lifetime recurring revenue! It's that simple and powerful. Viral marketing for YOU!
  • Incredible Upselling Potential! SaaS selling is all about Average Revenue Per Unit (ARPU). APRU is determined by how "differentiated" the product is and whether it becomes a commodity over time. With SmartBox, you get incredible differentiation with the world's first file sharing service with built-in communications features. But more importantly, you get upselling revenue opportunity. As customers start to see and use the power of unified communications, there is revenue opportunity in selling additional communications services from PSTN minutes to DID numbers, fax lines, call recording, call center services and even complete PBX replacement. Why limit yourself to just storage upselling (which has become commodity priced). With SmartBox, adding revenue per seat is not only the lowest cost of sale opportunity, it's the most efficient sale.

The file sharing market is a $50B marketplace growing at 40% CAGR! It's time for the indirect channel to play a pivotal role in delivering these services. SmartBox represents a feature differentiated solution that delivers lifetime recurring revenue, partner specific massive viral marketing lead generation, and powerful upselling revenue opportunities! What are you waiting for? Sign up to be a PanTerra partner today!