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File Sharing that Communicates! SmartBox - The Ultimate Communications Enabled Business Process (CEBP)


In January 2014 we introduced an exciting new service: SmartBox - File Sharing that Communicates!

SmartBox is essentially a full blown cloud-based file store, sync and sharing service with.... you guessed it: built-in unified communications features! Now some people might say “gee there are 80+ file sharing companies out there, why does the world need another one?” Well, if you're one of those skeptics, please read my previous blog post before continuing. If not, please read on!

Business is all about a full-circle process. People share information, communicate about that information, possibly collaborate with others, and then "close the deal." With SmartBox, people can accomplish the complete business process in a single cloud solution. This saves time and money, makes life easier for the IT department, and actually gives enterprises a real competitive edge through their IT infrastructure.

SmartBox is built from the ground up for the enterprise:

  • Security, security, security - Hardened data centers, encryption in transit and at rest, HIPAA compliance, and mandatory 2-phase authentication are just some of the security features built into SmartBox. Even if your mobile device is stolen, SmartBox has security features that prevent any of your data OR communications from being compromised.
  • Finally, sub-folder sharing! Does your file sharing provider give you the option of sharing files within files separate from the original share?  Are there sharing limitations that force you to change your folder structure or file organization? Not with SmartBox, share any folder at any level with anyone, any way!
  • Built-in Unified Communications - Know exactly when someone opens your shared content and be able to call them instantly! Or video call them, or web conference them, or IM them. Know their real-time presence and be able to seamlessly connect without fumbling for their business cards!
  • Communications and user content in the same cloud! Think about it, where do you retrieve your voicemails? Faxes? Call recordings, if you're a call center agent? IM archives? If you're like most businesses, this content is strewn all over the place and requires completely different access methods from IVR to FTP! With SmartBox, all your communications content is stored in the same cloud as your user content! And, everything is accessible and shareable with the same ease! Listen to your new voicemails and your office message light on your desk phone will go out!
  • Contacts here, contacts there, contacts everywhere - Ever wonder why you have to "import" contacts with every cloud service you add. With SmartBox, contacts are synced, not "manually imported" and SmartBox stores all your contacts and makes them available to all services. Sync once, access everywhere!
  • Simple secure sharing with total control - With SmartBox, share with a simple URL link or protect the share with a password or require a SmartBox account to access the content. With SmartBox, you're always in control. Multiple share privileges give you even more control by either granting full access to files or limiting the user to downloads only.
  • Mobility built-in not an afterthought - SmartBox provides mobile apps for iOS and Android mobile devices providing complete file sharing and unified communications capabilities from anywhere in the world.

The benefits of SmartBox are real and tangible:

  • Significantly Lower Total Cost of Operations - The old saying used to go "If one is good, many is better." Well, that doesn't necessarily hold true for cloud services. The advantages of cloud services are many, from elimination of cap ex and obsolescence to global IT consistency, easier integration of mobile workforces, virtually infinite scalability, and ultimate infrastructure flexibility to name a few. However, as an enterprise looks to move several services into the cloud, the use of several separate cloud service providers can completely turn the TCO equation upside down! After all, each service provider has to "make money" thus charging a minimum "entrance fee" for the use of their service. Multiply that entrance fee three to five times and TCO benefits go out the window.

With SmartBox, an enterprise pays the entrance fee only once, not three or five times. That brings the TCO benefits back to the table and TCO actually becomes compelling!

  • Consistent Ultra-High Service Attributes - Cost is not the only disadvantage of multiple cloud service providers. In fact, there are about seven other key attributes: reliability, availability, scalability, security, quality of service (QoS), service level agreement (SLA), and support. Each cloud service provider has varying levels of each of these service attributes. And many are, at most, "consumer" level attributes. Take for example the multi-day outages at a well-known file sharing company a couple years ago. If service providers are going to ask enterprises to put their business critical service onto their cloud, they'd better work on delivering ultra-high service attributes.

SmartBox comes from telecom DNA, where ultra-high service attributes are expected and delivered. For example, SmartBox implements full 2-phase authentication for all new entry-points to SmartBox. And, SmartBox historically has delivered 99.999% availability. Need support? SmartBox provides 365/24 support with 30 seconds guaranteed response time with its built-in support IM.

  • IT as a Competitive Weapon thru Productivity Gains - IT departments are now being challenged to not just manage costs, but to figure out how to positively impact top line revenue, transforming IT into a competitive weapon for an enterprise. SmartBox gives IT the tools to create a competitive edge for their employees through enhanced productivity and efficiencies. Employees become more responsive, time wasted playing phone tag and email tag is reduced, and more opportunities are converted.

Check out a video on SmartBox

SmartBox is a game changer for mid-market enterprises; it will truly help companies drive more revenue while allowing their most precious resource, employees, to perform at their highest level. We are committed each and every day to innovating and delivering absolutely the best cloud services in the world!