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A Cloud Call Center Solution Offers Your Business More Options


As you assemble your team to provide the best customer experience possible, the first thing you should be thinking about is the call center software you will implement for your team. Are there features that are ‘must haves’ that will make or break your ability to offer your customers the satisfaction that will make them want to remain customers? But, what about the other personnel you have on staff. Do they need all of the features that come with a call center software solution? So, what your business really needs is the flexibility a cloud call center offers coupled with the features required to provide an exemplary customer service experience for your customers.

The key to determining the type of cloud call center solution your business requires may be as simple as deciding whether you anticipate growing your existing team and expanding your team to other locations. In both instances, the solution you choose must be flexible, have the capability to grow, and offer the features that will serve the purposes for your call center and provides the features your peripheral departments – IT, marketing, administrative, human resources – require.

Let’s start your list of features so you can determine how each department may benefit from them:

  • Unlimited Call Queuing - Unlimited concurrent calls and minutes in queue.
  • Logic Based Routing - Route incoming calls based on skill level, random, sequential, round robin, time period or real-time load.
  • Supervisory Modes - Supports multiple supervisory modes including Silent listen, Whisper and Barge-in from graphical user interface.
  • Customer Call Back - Customers can conveniently leave their number and the system will call them back when an agent is available.
  • Call Recording - Calls can be recorded at random, on interval or always, by queue or by agent.
  • Real-Time Monitoring - Real-time monitoring of all queues and agent stats.
  • Business Analytics - Measure queue lengths, call talk time, missed calls, idle time, handled calls and more. Set measurement intervals, threshold values, operation types and interval definitions.
When you’re ready to assemble your team to provide the best customer experience possible, you may want to consider a cloud call center solution that includes the features listed above. And, to avoid multiple vendors, you may also want to consider implementing a virtual phone system that will accommodate the other departments your business requires. To that end, why not give PanTerra a call to start your 30-day risk free trial where you can see for yourself all the benefits derived from a unified cloud-based communications solution.