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9 Ways Hosted PBX Can Help Your Business Make Serious Money

If you are a business owner who is looking to make serious money, then fret no more as hosted PBX can easily help you to achieve this goal. Here are 9 ways in which you can take advantage of hosted PBX:


1. Online access to call details

Hosted PBX gives online access to call details which helps the CEO’s and managers to keep an eye on all the calls from anywhere in the world at any time. It helps them to find out the number of calls received, the person who is calling and the duration of the calls. In this way the managers can easily know if the marketing people are doing their job properly or not. It would also help the managers to make changes in the scripts where it is needed. This would help the company in making progress for sure.

2. Advanced routing

Hosted PBX provides you with the features like intelligent call queues and advanced routing. This helps the company to provide excellent customer service which in return ensures growth of the company. With the help of this feature, no calls go unanswered and the company is able to route calls depending on the time of the day and percentage of calls etc.

3. Conference calls

By using the feature of Conference Bridge, the conference calls can be organized no matter where the participants are from. It also lets you to enable professional reminder calls and push out emails with pin numbers to unlimited number of participants.

4. Filtering messages with the help of voicemail to text

Hosted PBX offers an extraordinary feature of voicemail to text which helps in getting rid of distractions. The result of this feature is increased productivity as the trash is efficiently filtered out.

5. Arranging hunt groups

By setting up the best call routing system with the help of different hunt groups, your company wouldn’t miss a call again.

6. Customized on-hold messages

You can easily increase the customer revenues by customizing the on-hold messages. In this way the customers wouldn’t have to listen to the annoying on-hold music.

7. Call recording an affordable training tool

Hosted PBX lets you record the calls which can help the managers to check out the performance of their employees. It could also protect the business against malevolent lawsuits. Moreover, this feature can also act as an excellent affordable training tool.

8. Smartphones apps give you more privacy

Hosted PBX along with amazing iPhone and Android apps give you much more privacy than before even on the go. By installing these apps on your phone, you can easily make calls with your business number while traveling too. You don’t have to give your personal number anymore in case you are out of your office.

9. Saving money by using auto attendants

Instead of hiring more secretarial staff, hosted PBX lets you use automated attendants. These efficient auto attendants forward the call to the best team member that could solve the particular issue.